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Dog Links

Further quality links and information on dogs

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Life span of dogs

The life span of dogs. How old is my dog in equivalent human years?

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Preventative care

We have had a number of dogs through our 30+ year marriage and of course lost some of them too. :( After our first male dog turned nasty and bit first

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My first and only dog, Kip

At the ripe old age of 15, my Jack Russell Terrier has been in our lives since he was 10 weeks old. I was 11 years old at that time, so we have truly

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Estelle and Dolores 14.5 years

Estelle and Dolores are sisters.Dolores has had heart disease for about 4 years now - she is on lots of meds but her cardiologist says she is doing fine.

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Lady Maia of Flatrock 4/12/01 - 1/16/13

I would like to share a little about my rottie Maia. Maia will soon be 12 yrs old and we just found out she is in renal failure. The past 72 hrs. have

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My Rottweiler is a 13 year old female and still looks young

I have a 12 year old rottweiler and she seem healthy she still runs jumps and plays around like a puppy, the only elderly sign is that apparently she has

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I currently have 2 wonderful dogs, Benny who is 15 in July and Haley, 8 next month. Benny is experiencing a lot of the pacing and panting at night. It's

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My dog caesar is 11 years old and we got him when he was a puppy and I love him to bits. We were born on the same day. Sometimes he makes me laugh. He

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That Mona Lisa Smile

I used to do rescue for Rat terriers but had stopped taking them in by 2000. But in 2002, I was asked by a rescue group if I could take in a chihuahua

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My Gorgeous Megan!

This is my beautiful girl Megan who left me far too soon at the age of 12.5 years on Boxing Day 2008. Meggie was diagnosed with splenic cancer in September

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Senior dog newspaper article

A great article written in the 'Daily Mail' by Judith Summers about her old dog George. A must read!

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Our beautiful Amy is now 17 years young. (The photo was taken in August 2011, she came second in a Best Veteran competition). We have had her since she

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Toby Dog

We rescued Toby when he was about 4 years old, he had previously been abused and we saw that we took good care of him! Our previous dog was a German Shepherd

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My Darling Bazil

Bazil is now in his 15th year. He came to me when he was 3 years old, rescued from a family whose children were abusing him. When he first arrived he

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