My Rottweiler is a 13 year old female and still looks young

by Annie
(Aguascalientes, Ags México)

I have a 12 year old rottweiler and she seem healthy she still runs jumps and plays around like a puppy, the only elderly sign is that apparently she has some cataracts although her sight is very good, she catches stuff. I guess that the apparent cataract don't seem to be a problem and she still has very good hunting skills, killing the mice and lizards that try to enter the house. Well my concern is what is the average age of a Rottweiler or what is the oldest known? I´t would be so painful the day that I loose my baby. And another question is that, she has never had puppies, is it to late to have some?

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Apr 13, 2012
Answer to your questions!
by: Annie

Hi there

I'll answer your last question first....yes it is far too late to have puppies from your dog. If you think of your grandmother having children, you might relate to the scenario..... No puppies please as it will most probably kill her.

Secondly, like humans, dogs are individuals and age at different rates. The average lifespan for a Rottie would be around 10-12 years so she's doing really well. Dogs all age at different rates though and if they have a happy, healthy lifestyle they are more likely to live to ripe old age... I have a boy here who is almost 15 years old and he was still swimming yesterday on his walk.

Enjoy your girl; love her and keep an eye on her for signs of perhaps becoming uncomfortable. If you see signs of stiffness then perhaps have her checked over by a vet. There are natural remedies that you can give to make things a bit easier for her... There's a second on the website Health Supplements that may give you some idea on what's available out there.

Thank you for sharing your girl's story with us.

Annie xxxx

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