Lady Maia of Flatrock 4/12/01 - 1/16/13

by Sherry

I would like to share a little about my rottie Maia. Maia will soon be 12 yrs old and we just found out she is in renal failure. The past 72 hrs. have been very difficult. Maia's appetite started to decrease and she became more lethargic, she got to the point where she couldn't even stand when we took her to the Vet. She was treated with IV fluids and antibiotics and didn't seem to bounce back like the vet had expected. I watch her as I see she is having more difficulty getting up and even being strong enought to support her body as she squats to urinate or have a BM. I ask myelf when is it time? What a difficult decision it is to put your pet,your best friend to sleep. But; I have to ask myself, am I just being selfish? What kind of a life is this for her? She has started to lose her hearing, the arthritis has gotten worse, and she pants constantly, which I have read can be an indication of pain. I love my dog. I have had her since she was 6 wks old, I took her through obedience training, I have seen her through 3 surgeries, and have always enjoyed her being in my life. Today I believe I am doing the most selfless act that I could ever do by sparing her anymore pain and just loving her as I spend these last few hours with her. I hope she knows how much she is loved and will be missed. She has been there in some of the most difficult times and some of the happiest times in my life and she will be missed. I love you Maia girl! What a wonderful companion you have been! :'(

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Feb 26, 2013
so saddened
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for the loss of your Lady Maia. I am saddened with what you have to go through when losing your pet/ family member. I dread the time when i have to make that decision. I have 2 rotties and i do not even want to think about my life when they will not be here. Fortunately, i believe i have quite a few years before this occurs.

It touched me when you decided to have her put to rest under her favourite tree on her blankie. I am sure Maia is grateful to you for this and for giving her the best life ever.
Take care!

Feb 08, 2013
Lady Maia
by: Anonymous

Dear Beloved owner of Maia. My heart goes out to you. In July of 2012, I made a similar decision for my best friend, Cupcake my 17 yr. old Pitbull. She was given to me as a gift when she was 4 weeks old. What an awesome gift she was!

Old age had finally taken it's toll. A few family members took me aside and said don't you think it's time. I did not fully realize, until I saw pictures of her later, but my family did.
I found a vet who was willing to "put her to sleep" under a beautiful tree in a field, on her favorite blanket. That was to be my last gift to her. I miss her today, as if she were my 17 yr. old child. I have peace in knowing that we lived a quality life...together. I pray you will know this too. May God place serenity into your hearts!

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