Senior dog clothing

Assessing and planning for your dog’s long term health and comfort becomes more important as your pet ages and senior dog clothing should be a part of this focus.

Old dogs may become more sensitive to both heat and cold as they age. Additionally, even small exposures to excessive temperatures can pose a significant health risk to your canine.

High temps can cause heat stroke and scorched paws, rain can create a decreased immune system and discomfort, and chilly weather can give your friend a cold. Fortunately, there are several clothing options available for your senior pet to ensure his comfort on even the most severe days.

Outerwear is extremely vital during the cold winter months. This type of senior dog clothing is made from many different materials, including down, fleece, cotton, wool or Thinsulate. Sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts and coats provide different levels of warmth and conserve body heat. They will provide protection for your dog against the elements.

If treated with repellent, outerwear will also prevent flea, tick, spider and mosquito bites.

All-weather and snow boots will protect your pet’s paws all year long. While trudging through ice and sleet, snow boots will protect your canine’s paws from chaffing and chapping. Snow boots or leather soled paw coverings will also provide traction on slippery surfaces such as ice and also internal surfaces such as wood flooring. My old dog Pippa has a set of neoprene boots which have helped her greatly on slippery surfaces.

Rain gear, such as slickers and boots, are especially developed from material which repels water and is useful in keeping your senior dog warm and dry during wet weather. During the sweltering summer months, you won’t need to worry about scorching pavements or sand if your old dog is equipped with all-weather boots manufactured for senior dog clothing retailers. Finally, outfitting pets with boots will guard them against paw injuries from stepping on thorns, glass, cuts and abrasions.

The benefits of clothing your pet are plentiful. Your dog will stay warm and dry on hot days, and cool during warmer weather. Paws will remain protected from extreme polar elements and your dog’s skin and coat will stay clean and protected from sunburn and frost bite. Insect bites will be reduced and fleas and ticks will be repelled by attiring your pooch.

Lastly, if fashion is a concern for the pet owner or the pet, customized, personalized and trendy senior dog clothing is presently on the dog apparel scene. Opportunities exist to provide comfort and protection for your friend through clothing, and now personal expression and just plain fun are also at hand. Taking your dog out in boots is certainly a topic of conversation with fellow dog owners and always raises a few smiles!

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