Senior dog supplements

Senior dog supplements, along with specialized diets and nutritional considerations, can effectively promote your friend’s overall health and well-being. Similar to human beings, nutrition and health become a much greater concern as a dog ages. A dog is considered ‘senior’, depending on weight and breed, anywhere between 5 and 10 years of age. Supplements are an important addition to your dog’s overall health program, to increase the longevity, comfort and happiness of your pet. Some general concerns for older dogs that may be alleviated through supplements are general health improvement, joint care, bad breath and anxiety

General health may be addressed through senior dog supplements via a natural whole health vitamin. If a senior dog is not getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals due to loss of appetite, a supplement may be the best option. Your veterinarian will be able to work with you and your dog to determine the best vitamin to suit your dog’s unique needs. Some considerations to assess will be overall health, weight, amount of exercise, current appetite and water consumption, digestive function, heart, liver and kidney health, as well as joint health.

Supplements for older dogs which are appropriate for joint health will contain antioxidants. Joint issues are caused by inflammation in the body. Antioxidants will decrease inflammation to ease joint pain, and promote healthy connective tissue. Some breeds of dogs are prone to hip joint issues. Products with glucosamine and chondroitin will prove to be extremely beneficial.

If your dog has bad breath, seek products containing probiotics, which will restore good bacteria in the digestive tract and mouth, as well as chlorophyll, which alkalizes stomach acid. If your dog continues to have bad breath, consult your veterinarian as these symptoms may be a sign of gum disease or digestive disorders.

Approximately 15% of all senior dogs are reported to suffer separation anxiety. Signs of anxiety in your canine include excessive grooming or salivation, diarrhoea or vomiting, and self mutilation. There are various senior dog supplements that can address anxiety in your dog. Antidepressants, such as clomipramine hydrochloride will increase serotonin and help to alleviate anxiety. Additionally, some non-chemical, holistic treatments are available. Behavior modification to reverse learned behaviors and aromatherapy techniques, including scents from valerian, chamomile and passion flower are also used to reduce anxiety in your senior canine friends. Valerian tablets can also be taken internally and I have found these to be very good. Regardless of the overall health program you choose for your older dog’s unique situation, supplements can prove to be a very beneficial component.

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