Old dog health problems

As dogs begin to age and time takes its toll, they become more susceptible to old dog health problems.

Senior dog health problems can be numerous and can depend on a number of factors such as genetic and lifestyle factors. This, of course, is just the same as with us human beings!

A much bigger range of age related disorders are now diagnosed in dogs than ever before due to them living longer than ever before. Old dog health problems can occur quickly but more than not they occur slowly over time.

Becoming aware of any potential future problems and how to treat them can make a big difference. At best this knowledge can help prevent some problems and at worst make your dog as comfortable as they can be with their condition.

In this section I have attempted to provide information on senior dog health problems. Senior dogs can of course suffer from any other illness which can affect any dogs at any age, but for the purposes of this site I have focused on the problems which can be more common in older dogs. Please remember this is just a guide and if in doubt then always contact your veterinary surgery.

Old  dog

The following is a list of more common senior dog health problems. Click on the relevant highlighted link for more information.

Dog Arthritis : Information about arthritis in dogs

Dog Dementia : Understanding dementia in the older dog

Dog Cancer : About cancer in dogs

Vestibular Syndrome : Mimics of Serious Illnesses

Urinary Incontinence In Dogs : Management, treatment and Care

Bowel Incontinence In Dogs : Management, treatment and Care

Diabetes In Dogs : Diabetes can be more prevalent in older dogs

Caring For Deaf Dogs : As dogs age hearing loss can be common

Heart Failure in Dogs : Heart problems (ALSO SEE FIRST AID)

The Blind Dog : A look at blindness and other sight problems in older dogs

Seizures In Dogs : Causes and management (ALSO SEE FIRST AID)

Stroke In Dogs : The signs, causes and care (ALSO SEE FIRST AID)

Dog Constipation : Causes & treatment

A recommended website for further reading about dog health issues is called 'Dog Health Problems Online'. Discover all you need to know about dog health problems and canine illnesses.

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