Gracie, my best friend

by Janice watts
(Essex GB)

Hi, i have a little Jack Russell bitch called Gracie. I am a PCSO (police community support officer) and i was walking my beat when i found her with her collar and lead still attached out on the street. I informed our local dog warden and took her home as the local kennels were full. The following day the dog warden informed me that she thinks she knew who she belong to but said that she doubted that the owners would pay the fee for getting her back. She also said that she has escaped a couple of times before. To cut a long story short i eventually adopted her legally and she has brought so much pleasure.

She has changed in her personality as she was nervous and didn't like men and i have since found out that the previous owners were not very nice to her. She is fine with men now as i slowly introduced her to quiet speaking and calm males. This has gained her confidence and her personality is unbelievable. She is so intelligent and clever. She's my best mate and sits by my side all the time in fact she is by my side now.

She has her routines and at 10 pm she is waiting to go to bed and i tuck her up with her blanket so that she can see me with one eye. She doesn't bark to be let in from the garden but just taps the door, a bit like knocking. Gracie was 7 when i found her and she is now 12yrs old. I feel so privileged to have her company. I know she is one in a million and i'm so grateful that i found her on that day.

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